Introducing Disposable Tor-Enabled Virtual Machines


Better Than A VPN? Introducing a new technology to become Anonymous

Created for Ethical Hackers, Cybersecurity Experts, and Privacy Enthusiants, SADD.IO allows users to anonymously control self-disposing desktops through their web browser. We route all internet traffic through the Tor network and destroy our desktops forensically to ensure true Internet Anonymity and Privacy. Say goodbye to downloading anonymity tools or even making manual efforts to cover your tracks.

  • Free


  • Secure


  • Anonymous


  • Disposable


  • No Downloads



blockchain and agile

  1. Blockchain overview
  2. Blockchain development in nice smelling fiefdoms and agile ones
  3. Real world waterfall,  common problems and methodologies
  4. Lackness and tackiness of humanity



blockchain and agile for your business at scale

fibos introduces a good combination of decentralised technologies and agile methodologies.


In transforming your waterfall project management to an agile and decentralised one, it will bring great benefits to your business that connected with IT/internet.

  • Customer collaboration
  • Rapid growth
  • Agile autonomy
  • MVP launch
  • Your business will scale
  • No more further silos and fracturing
  • Scarcely being bombarded with instant messaging
  • Bi-modal DevOps implementation using blockchain with short release cycles,  transparent decentralized continuous deployment  and gradual and incremental document release

Developer-first Project Management

Track your GitHub issues and pull requests with an automated workflow.



Fun functional programming
4kb framework for creating sturdy frontend applications
Super minimal

Choo’s modular core was engineered from the ground up to be smaller and more efficient than every other alternative out there. This was made possible by building out the core components over the span of 3 years and combining them under a tiny API.

Easy to begin

We think learning frameworks is boring. So instead of inventing a new language, Choo relies on vanilla JS and HTML. Combined with its small API and clean architecture this means Choo is easy to get started with, and stays that way as projects grow in scope and humans.


Automated Code Review for Git.

CodeFactor will try to show the most critical issues first based on issue code size, file change frequency and file size so you can start fixing only what’s important.


What is is a place for individuals and institutions to join together in support of free ebooks. We work together to support authors, publishers, or other rights holders who want their ebooks to be free. We work together to provide durable and effective distribution for ebooks that are free. We support Creative Commons licensing as an enabling tool to “unglue” the ebooks. We are part of the Free Ebook Foundation, a non-profit charitable organization.

Why are all these ebooks free?

The ebooks available on have missions to accomplish. There are textbooks to help you learn. There is literature to open up your mind. There are books on technology to help you create. There are academic books that are spreading ideas. There are books that want to change your mind. And there are books that belong to all of us, that want to live into the future.

Freedom can help a book accomplish its mission, and that why the ebook is free. We call these books “unglued” and we call the process of making them free, “ungluing”.


A small team of developers and designers: BrianJake, and Mike. Collectively, They have a broad range of experience building things for the web—from side projects like Alchemy to working for companies like Ionic, Intuit, Flipboard and Amazon.

They employ pragmatic, functional, engineering-based principals to deliver results on a wide range of projects. These include websites, brand identities, and digital products.

JavaScript enthusiasts and enjoy working with the latest web technologies like React and Electron.


InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), a peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol
to make the web faster, safer, and more open.

The IPFS Project has grown into a large open source movement to re-decentralize the web, safeguard our data, and improve our applications.


well, ipfs smells like more fragmented than http.



Træfik (pronounced like traffic) is a modern HTTP reverse proxy and load balancer made to deploy microservices with ease. It supports several backends (DockerSwarm modeKubernetesMarathonConsulEtcdRancherAmazon ECS, and a lot more) to manage its configuration automatically and dynamically.


  • It’s fast
  • No dependency hell, single binary made with go
  • Tiny official docker image
  • Rest API
  • Hot-reloading of configuration. No need to restart the process
  • Circuit breakers, retry
  • Round Robin, rebalancer load-balancers
  • Metrics (Rest, Prometheus, Datadog, Statd)
  • Clean AngularJS Web UI
  • Websocket, HTTP/2, GRPC ready
  • Access Logs (JSON, CLF)
  • Let’s Encrypt support (Automatic HTTPS with renewal)
  • Proxy Protocol support
  • High Availability with cluster mode (beta)

Supported backends

Clean UI

Træfik has a simple Web UI based on AngularJS.

Get it

./traefik --configFile=traefik.toml

  • Use the tiny Docker image:

docker run -d -p 8080:8080 -p 80:80 -v $PWD/traefik.toml:/etc/traefik/traefik.toml traefik

  • From sources:

git clone
You can find the complete documentation here.