KyBot - Kyligence Robot
Online Diagnostic, Tuning and Support Service for Apache Kylin.
From the team that created Apache Kylin

An online service for Apache Kylin users to optimize Kylin’s usage and performance. With the experience of hundreds of real cases for Apache Kylin, KyBot automatically provides intelligent optimization and tuning suggestions, such as for slow SQL, skew cube storage, and MapReduce/Spark job performance.


Understanding Open Source

At the core, both large businesses and open source need each other to move the needle. FOSSA implements the systems serious companies need to build software effectively.


Automated license scanning, dependency analysis and reports at each commit

In my opinion, it's good to reduce fragmentation.


“Privately upload, review, & share video with your entire team, anywhere in the world. We’ll make sure your files preview beautifully on the web”


the collaboration platform for the video industry.


the uptime monitor for everything. is a monitoring-as-a-service solution, alerting you in real-time when any of your software or hardware stops working.
Use it for your web servers, cronjobs, and many other things.

No more silent failures! So you can have peace of mind about your infrastructure.


Geo-distributed Monitoring


Fundamentally, is HTTP based and works three ways. Outbound with a schedule, inbound with a schedule, and inbound without a schedule (on-demand). Electronic watchdog timers are kicked to prevent them from going into alert. uses the same concept and terminology. A GET or HEAD request is the kick. Like a ping.


Control and manage real Smartphone devices from your browser.

post is a simple way to find and share indie games online for free.


More than 250k .io domains has been registered before this July

.io. Popular with startup companies; little of anything related to the territory itself. The Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) .io is assigned to the British Indian Ocean Territory. The .io domain is administered by the Internet Computer Bureau, a domain name registry company based in the United Kingdom.


A personal website powered by your life


Personalized social bookmarking manager


Accomplish, beautifully


“im just gonna give a quick small shoutout to lanes (im p sure i’ve done it b4 but idc) and the fact that it combines cute aesthetics with the best tools for motivating you to be productive, including pomodoro sessions in which you can start a timer for how long you want to do a task (and this adds to the ‘lanes community total pom sessions’!)
you should absolutely try it!! its available as a chrome extension too ^^ ”