What is is a place for individuals and institutions to join together in support of free ebooks. We work together to support authors, publishers, or other rights holders who want their ebooks to be free. We work together to provide durable and effective distribution for ebooks that are free. We support Creative Commons licensing as an enabling tool to “unglue” the ebooks. We are part of the Free Ebook Foundation, a non-profit charitable organization.

Why are all these ebooks free?

The ebooks available on have missions to accomplish. There are textbooks to help you learn. There is literature to open up your mind. There are books on technology to help you create. There are academic books that are spreading ideas. There are books that want to change your mind. And there are books that belong to all of us, that want to live into the future.

Freedom can help a book accomplish its mission, and that why the ebook is free. We call these books “unglued” and we call the process of making them free, “ungluing”.